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Spring Retreat in central Italy

Abruzzo region is full of spiritual churches, monuments, cemeteries, museums, monasteries and fortified villages. There are many famous castles for example Rocca Calascio, Castello dell’Aquila, and Rocca Scalegna, famous churches such as Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie which overlooks our village! There are also many exciting ancient sites with the potential to experience the history and the beauty of Italy. The high energy atmosphere amplifies any experience here.

Abruzzo is the birthplace of the poet D’Annunzio, writers and philosophers like Silone and Croce, painters like Michetti, Palizzi and Cascella and many other artists. We’re confident that you’ll find our village, Abruzzo Borgo, to be the perfect place for your soulful journey.

Abruzzo Borgo is a one-of-a-kind eco-touristic village nestled in 25 acres of historic, visually breathtaking landscape in central Italy. We’re perfectly positioned between the shimmering Adriatic coastline and soaring Apennines mountain range. We offer cozy shared apartment accommodations with two, or three bedrooms; a terraced barbecue area with an amphitheater for socializing, and an infinity pool overlooking the town of Alanno and stunning mountain views (open between May and September).

It’s a time and place for self-discovery while cocooned by Mother Nature. Abruzzo Borgo offers a slice of heaven where you can slow down, reconnect with your inner self, and let your mind, body and soul fully recharge while enjoying time with your loved ones.

We look forward to welcoming you to this special place!


7 Night / 8 Day

Total price:        €1970    reduced to    €1390

*prices per 4 people sharing 1 apartment (2 bedrooms, kitchen and lounge on self-catering basis)

We look forward to welcoming you soon!


Guest can choose an arrival date between 20th of April and 28th of May 2022. You can extend you stay if you wish at 45 Euro per night per apartment.

Guests can choose to fly in to one of three airports:
Rome Fiumcino or Rome Ciampino where buses leave approximately every hour or a special bus which leaves every day at 12:30 or 12:50 respectively.

Pescara Airport, guests will be picked up direct from the airport for 10 Euro charge.


This is mainly a relaxing break with a couple of excursions and activities organised for you. However, we are here to be your guides for the area if and when you need us.

What's included?
* Wine tasting with local wine producers (adults only)
* Lavino Park - with a sulphur lake and a walk to an old mill, a great local attraction to grown ups and children
* Bonfire with BBQ at Abruzzo Borgo
* A visit to the local churches, feeling the energies, and visiting the place were mother Mary was seen in the 16th century


Example afternoon


An afternoon trip depending on the needs of the group and the weather and could be a visit a local church, enjoy a guided silent mindful walk in one of the beech woods with walking trails and then a trip to one of the characteristic towns perched on the top of a hill and then wine tasting! Followed by dinner at a characteristic local restaurant (not included in the retreat price—approximately €15). Or guests can make their own dinner at the apartments which all have fully equipped kitchens.

Additional Activities at additional cost available in the area:
- visiting castles and medieval villages
- Archangel Michael cave
- National Parks with incredible fauna, flora and views
- pasta making classes (minimum 5 people)
- chef cooking an informal dinner in your apartment
- trekking and hiking
- sailing on the Adriatic coast
- e-bikes

Childcare & babysitting:
- available at request - 10 Euro per hour

*Note: *When booking for a group of friends please note there is a shared accommodation with 2 single beds and 1 double bed between 4 of you.


At the Abruzzo Borgo, you'll find yourself immersed in nature, far away from crowds of tourists. With a high standard for cleanliness and sanitation, and with plenty of space to stretch out and adventure, our property is ideal for a socially distanced respite from the demanding, hustle-and-bustle nature of the current global climate.

Imagine yourself here!

The Abruzzo region stretches from the Apennine mountains to the Adriatic Sea. The nearby coastline offers a wide variety of beaches, from smooth-stoned pebble beaches to fine white sandy beaches. In the winter, the mountains are snow-capped, and there are 22 ski resorts nearby. Abruzzo is composed of three National Parks and is steeped in history, with picturesque castles and small chapels dotted around the countryside. The villages maintain their medieval feel, and visitors can explore some of the fortresses built to protect the civilians. The local people are lovely—warm, hospitable and welcoming, making visitors feel at home—and it’s a unique opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in traditional Italy, as yet unspoiled by mass tourism.

How to get here:

It is best to book early! Prices can go up steeply nearer the time!

Ryanair flights from London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, and other European cities in September start at €20  and fly into Pescara (the nearest airport to the Borgo) and Rome. Alitalia has special September for flights into Rome.

One of the best travel-booking sites is Even if you are not with your group there are busses that run every 2 hours from Rome airports. We can pick you up from there, so don't worry if you can't get a flight at the same time as all your friends. Often you can get cheaper flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; you can take us up on our offer to add extra days at the Borgo and actually end up paying less than you might have if you traveled later! For more information, have a look at our location page.

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"I have traveled all over the world and I keep coming back to Italy as my favourite place on earth. The Abruzzo Borgo has been one of those places you want to revisit. The location is perfect! Can’t wait to go back again in 2020; that will be my 4th trip. Relaxing with just the right mix of historic towns, fields of sunflowers, great food, the friendly staff, and of course the fabulous wines, makes the Abruzzo Borgo a wonderful place to visit!” — Cathy from Cocoa Beach, FL, USA


"So beautiful and peaceful! The best food in all of Italy comes from this area, and there are a great many fabulous restaurants and wineries tucked away nearby. When my husband and I stay here, we always enjoy the gorgeous beaches, mountains, nature walks, and shopping that are just minutes away."  — Sheila Pittman from Georgia, USA


8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS - Spring Retreat

Total price        €1970  reduced to   €1390 

*prices per 4 people sharing 1 apartment (2 bedrooms, kitchen and lounge on self-catering basis)

The apartments feature fully equipped kitchens. There will be time for shopping in local supermarkets if you wish to stay in and relax with your own self-made dinner. 





If you'd like to talk about our retreats in more detail, please book time with Monika here.

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