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Spiritual Rejuvenation

We invite you to experience your spiritual awakening and to dwell in your spirituality during our retreats in a beautiful eco village central Italy. Abruzzo Borgo will welcome you with Nature Spirits, our infinity pool will provide a place to relax in the heat while admiring the mountains, olive grove and Mother Mary's church in the distance and our Master Teachers will guide you on your inner journey with daily meditations, healing and spiritual experiences.

Abruzzo Borgo offers a slice of heaven where you can truly slow down, reconnect with your inner self, and let your mind, body, and soul fully recharge. You can discover (or remember) your life’s purpose while connecting with other like-minded individuals embarking on similar journeys. You can truly accept that you are perfect, whole, and complete.


Our Spiritual Village

Abruzzo Borgo is a one-of-a-kind eco-touristic village nestled in 25 acres of historic, visually breathtaking landscape in central Italy. We’re perfectly positioned between the shimmering Adriatic coastline and the soaring Apennine mountain range. We offer cozy apartment accommodations with one, two, or three bedrooms, a terraced barbecue area with an amphitheater for socializing, and an infinity pool with stunning views of the town of Alanno and the distant mountains. 30 minutes from the nearest airport in Pescara, 2,5 hours from Rome. 

There is an olive grove with over 400 olive trees which you can adopt for a year to support our community in exchange of organic olive oil and olive leaf tea. We also have a yoga terrace with most spectacular views of a dawn.

We have fruits trees producing beautiful organic peaches and figs and herbs such as rosemary, sage, lavender.

Everything we do is with respect to nature providing such beautiful environment for human beings to connect and grow together. The developments have been closely monitored by the creator of the village, Nikki di Girolamo. Her vision, drive and a divine guidance have shifted this amazing project into reality. 

There are opportunities for soulful investors, healers and neuro-diversity specialists to provide their support and leave their stamp on future developments of the village. The plans include more apartments, castles and a conference centre with restaurants, an additional swimming pool, a small camping site for families with special needs children. An autism centre nearby can accommodate more complex special needs for families visiting Abruzzo Borgo.



At the Abruzzo Borgo, you'll find yourself immersed in nature, far away from crowds of tourists. With a high standard for cleanliness and sanitation, and with plenty of space to stretch out and adventure, our property is ideal for a socially distanced respite from the demanding, hustle-and-bustle nature of the current global climate.


There are 12 self catering apartments currently available in Abruzzo Borgo. 2-3 bedrooms with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. They have been decorated with local materials such as river stones, wood and old bricks.

All apartments have an outside space with a barbeque area. 


Activities & Local sites

You will have the opportunity to engage in non-spiritual activities—both on- and off-property—such as wine-tasting, canoeing, adventuring along the coastline (with both sandy and rocky beaches!), cruising around quintessential Italian villages on electric bikes, hiking in the Apennine mountains, horseback riding, and much more!

We believe the best experiences combine the Body-Mind-Soul connection. We organise dinners in authentic local restaurants as well as wine and food testings. There are two special vineyards nearby. Local food has been announced best in Italy by the Spectator in 2014. 

Some sites nearby:
• The place where Mother Mary was seen by the whole village of Pietranico in the 16th century.
• A brilliant sulphur stream and Archangel Micheal's cave—a spiritual site not to be missed
• Famous churches including Many Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie

• Famous hermitage “Santo Spirito a Majella”
• Famous medieval castles such as Rocca Calascio, Castello dell'Aquila, and Rocca Scalegna

• Bolognano cistern waterfall famous for her crystalline water


Spiritual Rejuvenation Retreats

Can we prevent all the hurt of the future? No, but we will be able to teach you five exciting strategies to allow you not only to cope but to THRIVE.

Finding purpose, finding empowerment, finding self love and connecting with your INNER POWER - that is what our retreats are all about. 

We have 4, 7 and 10 nights options available starting on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can add additional nights before and after the date of your retreat at a rate of 45 Euro.

All retreats are organised in small groups up to 12 people participating.

All Teachers, Healers and Facilitators are trusted, reliable and checked by us.

For the early risers among you, there will be a dawn mediation that will allow you to take advantage of the incredible sunrises at the Abruzzo Borgo. Breakfast will be provided in your own apartment so you can start the day at your own leisurely pace.

You can take advantage of your free time to enjoy the infinity pool, read, relax, sleep, receive a healing treatment or an individual session and nurture yourself fully.

Group sessions will take place between 10 am - 12 pm.

Lunch is provided at Abruzzo Borgo.

Group excursions are offered after lunch.

Evening meals can be prepared at your own apartment or you can join the group for dinner in local towns and villages enjoying authentic food and wine of the region.

Star gazing, a gentle walk or a group exercise, reading a book, meditating, spending time with other participants are your options for the rest of the evening.

Please email Monika Bodera for the most up-to-date information on availability. Alternatively, you can schedule a call here 


Co-Hosting Spiritual Retreats

If you are craving a restorative getaway and would like to earn income at a retreat in the heart of Italy our Retreat Co-Hosting offers you the opportunity to soak it all in and to join us co-hosting a retreat. Times like these remind us all of our innate love for quiet, peaceful natural settings. It's not always easy or affordable to allow ourselves the rejuvenating respite we desire. So we can assist both your clients and ours in realising their dreams. 

You can now co-host a retreat without the pressure of having to pre-pay before you get clients. We understand that Covid-19 may provide travel restrictions for you, depending on where on this great Earth you live. We won't hold that against you. Book now, and come when the world allows.

How Co-Hosting a Retreat works:

  • Half price cost – when bringing 1 client and committing to 2 group sessions to participants for free with 4-night stay or 3-4 free group sessions with 7 night / 10 night stays (depended on type of your expertise so please ask).

  • Free - when bringing 2 clients and committing to providing free group sessions

  • Free stay plus 50% commission for bringing 3 or more clients (from profits and after fixed costs are deducted)

  • Opportunities to sell your own classes to the participants at our retreats and afterwards

  • Liaising with other business owners and like-minded people

  • Complimentary welcome BBQ upon arrival, for retreat guests, featuring authentic delicacies from villages in the Abruzzo region

  • Complimentary option of bottling your own wine and olive oil to take home to friends and family

Contact Monika Bodera for more information by email or schedule a call here 


Experience Abruzzo Borgo 

Join us for this period of rejuvenating self-discovery while cocooned by Mother Nature. 

“In the infinity of life where I am, All is perfect, whole and complete, I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack, I now choose to begin to see myself as the Universe sees me—perfect, whole, and complete.” — Louise Hay

Please contact Monika Bodera for enquiries and bookings. Email  or schedule a Call

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