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It is an annual membership program that supports you throughout the year with extremely discounted prices for retreats, free entrance to conferences and meetups and VIP access to the Member Weekends in Italy with accommodation at 35€ per night. Its goal is to allow you different experiences throughout the world, generate more income for your business, inspire you with more business ideas, provide you more visibility and publicity opportunities as well as support structure throughout the year.

 What is it? 

Our VIP Amethyst membership is ideal for spiritual business owners who wish to have fun while traveling, have more frequent and intense spiritual experiences, maximize their revenue streams, increase their visibility, promote their businesses and connect with like-minded individuals who understand their needs and goals.

 Who is it for? 

We work with spiritual seekers and spiritual entrepreneurs through an in-depth immersion course


Visibility as an expert provides more validation and credibility
  • We will interview you personally for a segment about the topic of your choice presenting you as an expert and offering participation in our weekly classes program if applicable

  • Teacher slots at retreats and conferences of your choice

  • Discounts on price of appearing in our book and spirit cards

More experience and ease of being on camera
  • We will help you with opportunities to present and engage with people during podcasts and LIVEs 

Better understanding of social media and other business techniques increases revenue 
  • We will provide bi-monthly Zoom calls and classes with Nikki, experts in social media and marketing and other Emerald Tribe members 

  • Reduced price retreats, meet ups and conferences tickets

Increase your income streams
  • Creation of your own meditation session video which you’d be able to use for your website. We will also place it on our YouTube channel

  • Promotion of your products and discounts on other people products in the online shop

Increased spiritual consciousness
  • The annual membership allows access to Abruzzo Borgo throughout the year for only €35 a night (subject to availability).  Being in the Abruzzo Borgo in a consecrated space helps with connection to spirits and enhances spiritual experiences

Tribe that feels like family that will support you through the whole process
  • We build and nurture a community of like-minded people which understand your business challenges and requirements 

  • Speaker at Online Summits (if applicable)

  • Reduced price retreats, meet ups and conferences tickets

Multiple channels will raise your income
  • Your video, bio and business offer will be on our website, and the unit section on the Facebook group and your publicity material will be shown on all our meet ups, conferences and retreats even if you are not there 


  • VIP promotions at conferences (NY, London, Florida, if applicable)

  • Speaker slots at multiple conference (NY, London, Florida, if applicable)

  • Free conference tickets to all conferences (NY, London, Florida)

  • Teacher slots at multiple retreats (if applicable)

  • VIP online shop discount (products and courses)

  • Speaker at ALL online summits (if applicable)

  • Your promotional items at all our retreats, meetups and conferences


The Amethyst Membership of the Spiritual Awakening Circle is

 999 GBP for 12 months of membership

*reduced from 1,188 GBP

 99 GBP for 1 month of membership 

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  1. Tailor-made journey based on a personality test.

  2. Personal interview with Nikki to discuss your needs and requirements.

  3. Insertion of your bio, promotional video, business profile and offer on our website and in Facebook units.

  4. First LIVE with Nikki specifically to introduce you to the members of the Spiritual Awakening Circle group.

  5. Participation as a panelist in our LIVEs as many times as you wish.

  6. Becoming part of Emerald members and Amethyst members private Zoom meetings.

  7. Organizing and scheduling your participation in meetups, retreats, and VIP rooms at the Member Weekends in Italy. 


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