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We work with spiritual seekers to give support and guidance on your spiritual path

It is an annual membership program that supports you throughout the year.
Its goal is to help you with your spiritual awakening, by answering questions, giving suggestions and exercises that promote spiritual awakening.

 What is it? 

We are looking for 20 lady pioneers who want to go deeper on their spiritual journey.

We are giving the opportunity to become a part of a group that meets every 2 weeks on Zoom and together with Master Teachers we give support and help to deepen spiritual experiences. 

You must be willing to participate in the Zoom call and by doing this you will accomplish the following:

- have deeper spiritual experiences

- have a support system to help you go through the ups and downs on your personal journey

- have the knowledge of how to cope with various spiritual situations

 Who is it for? 


Zoom calls every 2 weeks  in which we explore different aspects of spiritual awakening process and give you an opportunity to ask questions about your own journey
Spend a long week-end at Abruzzo Borgo, our spiritual home built on consecrated ground costing only €40 per night
Enhanced spiritual experiences in a safe environment
Exercises to help with your spiritual growth
Being a part of a community of like-minded people, who will be able to give you the support you need afte having gone through similar experiences themseleves
Once per month spiritual Master Teacher talking about the topic most relevant to the group at the time


We have a special offer for The Amber Membership of the Spiritual Awakening Circle

SPECIAL OFFER: 49 GBP for 3 months of membership
220 GBP for 12 months of membership *reduced from 264 GBP 
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  1. Tailor-made journey based on a personality test.

  2. Insertion of your bio in our members section where people can get to know you and promote your service if applicable.

  3. Joining a community of like minded people in a private Facebook Group.

  4. Becoming a part of dedicated WhatsApp group for members of Spiritual Awakening Circle.

  5. Becoming a part of dedicated Zoom meetings where you can ask questions and learn from the group.

  6. Participation as a panelist in our LIVEs once per week if you wish so.

  7. One Member Weekend in Italy where you can also meet our Joint Venture, Emerald and Amethyst members.


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