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Rev. Dr. Samora Smith aka “The Lovesmith
Wedding Minister / Relationship & Love Coach

Rev. Dr. Samora Smith, aka “The Lovesmith,” is a multi-award-winning wedding minister, relationship & love coach, energy worker, and now newly appointed administrator with The Interfaith Temple in New York.  Dr. Samora’s vision has always been to impart people with the inspiration they need to authentically love, and unapologetically be their greatest selves. Over the course of two decades, she has married and counseled more than 1,500 couples of all faiths and backgrounds, garnering in-depth experiences, and earning her extensive acclaim along the way.


Born with a musical gift, Dr. Samora began her career as a singer and pianist, and after experiencing a few spiritual nudges, she decided to enroll in The New Seminary of Interfaith Studies where she was ordained in 2008. In 2019, Rev. Samora returned to the seminary, receiving her Doctorate of Ministry in July 2020, and has been recently invited to be part of the team who will re-launch The Interfaith Temple as their Director of Music. Dr. Samora has always been attuned to working with energy and when her oldest son was diagnosed with Autism, she experienced a profound awakening which led her to deepen her connection and become an energy healer.  Dr. Samora’s training as a Board-certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master, inspired her to create “The Lovesmith Academy”, an educational platform for individuals, couples, and families to become their own “Masters of Love.” Dr. Samora looks forward to offering online and in-person workshops as the world begins to open up again.


Above all, Rev. Dr. Samora Smith is the proud mother of two sons and daughter, who consistently inspire her to live a purposeful life to create a better world for them to thrive in.

Connect with Samora:

Instagram and Clubhouse @revsamora




Emerald Ticket

7-day Prescription for Self-Love

Amethyst Ticket

Guided Meditation for Healing

and Inner Peace

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