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For 4 decades, Sallie Wagner has studied and implemented transformational success principles. 

specializes in helping individuals deepen their faith and spiritual awareness, build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more meaningful and purpose-filled lives.  Combining her education, training, and vast professional experience with her coaching expertise, Sallie brings a deeper, more comprehensive dimension to the transformation process.    

As a licensed attorney, real estate broker and instructor, and owner of multiple businesses, Sallie will also guide you in building your business to meet your business objectives and manifest your spiritual purpose.

In her law career of over 30 years, Sallie has provided legal and real estate services to government, corporate, and individual clients and customers.  She has experience in various industries, such as telecommunications, energy/propane supplier, title insurance, and health care.  She testified before Congress regarding the delivery of legal services.  She also presented financial and tax analysis to Congress regarding proposed legislation affecting multifamily housing.

Sallie co-owns and operates Prosperity Real Estate School LLC, providing premium educational opportunities to individuals and brokerage companies throughout Florida.

Sallie also co-owns and operates Brokerage and Compliance Resources, LLC, providing brokerage and compliance consulting services to various real estate brokerage companies throughout Florida.  In 2019, services were provided to approximately 2,500 agents covering over 15,000 transactions with sales volume in excess of $4 Billion U.S.



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