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Lesley Benson
Intuitive Energy Healer and Herbal Alchemist

Lesley is an intuitive energy healer, herbal alchemist, life coach dedicated to loving life and supporting others to dream, big be bold and design the life of their dreams. Lesley grew up in a family that supported and encouraged spiritual awakening and so from an early age found herself coming home from school and instead of getting down to homework answering the phone to “clients “. Her grandmother used to send people her way to assist in their healing and growth. Leaving school she followed a more traditional path as a dental hygienist but soon found that as well as teeth her patients were gravitating to her for spiritual coaching. Today she works in the field of intuitive energy healing using the many modalities she has studied over the years that are in her tool bag to assist with a person's growth. As an avid traveler when travel is allowed you can find her in many places around the world running development retreats a deva being a diva herself.

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Free Love Potion - a herbal mixture to bring and keep Love in your life

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