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Karina Chapman
Soul-Journey Adventure Author, Speaker and Facilitator


A thought leader on Conscious Connection, Karina is the author of the 'Vixens Secret Handbook' series. She also runs a 6-week online program called 'Finding Mr Right' and is a leader with Speakers Tribe in South Australia. With her unique journey of dating research over the past ten years, Karina brings a different dynamic to her audiences. Her disruptive message of ‘DO Date the Wrong Men’ is supported by the Five C’s of Conscious Connection on how to create and manifest the relationship you dream of into reality. Based in South Australia, Karina is passionate about helping others rediscover themselves, dissolve past relationship patterns and create a life they love.

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Emerald Ticket

Free E-book called Modern Dating Tales -

A Woman's Guide to Dating Online ... Safely!

Amethyst Ticket

One-on-One 20 Minute Clarity Session with Karina Chapman.

One on One Clarity Session - Karina Chap
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