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Burge Smith-Lyons
Essence of Being, Inc

Burge Smith-Lyons is founder and CEO of Essence of Being, Inc. For more than 37 years, she has helped thousands of men, women, children and companies globally with emotional and spiritual healing, self-development, communication techniques, relationships, abundance, team building, and leadership development. She specializes in helping people identify their "Bubble Talk" — subconscious negative self-talk that blocks them from achieving what they want in life. Burge is an international bestselling author, motivational speaker, DISC Certified Instructor, relationship and communications expert, intuitive healer, certified rebirther, channel of Shamanaste, ordained minister, hypnotherapist, and Priestess to the World. She has taught live transformational workshops on 6 continents and launched the Conscious Leadership Academy in North America, Africa and Europe.

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Free 1 hour of group channeling session on the 20th of March 

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