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Bhavin is a certified Law of Attraction Coach and loves inspiring others to manifesting more of what they want in life. He also has an experienced background in Business to Business Sales, currently as a Google Partner selling Digital Marketing services.


He is also an advocate for doTERRA providing natural health solutions to people and businesses that truly benefits their health and lifestyle. He is a part-time Confidence Coach for My Guide, a charity that supports people who are Vision Impaired yet is also a member of other non-profit organisations such as doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and AllatraUnites, supporting The Creative Society International Project Movement. He hosts and co-hosts on Allatra TV Ireland from time to time interviewing people all around the world on how they envision a happier society and asking them to share their ideas for the benefit of listeners tuning in.

His overall vision is to lead people to be in harmony with the Universe and to consistently be in the Vortex (be on the highest vibration) contributing to a happier and self assured (confidence) Creative Society.


- Law of Attraction coaching

- Google positioning for your business

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