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Most people in the world are at this stage, they are unaware that there is a different dimension different energies that can be perceived. They May hear about people who are spiritual and might wonder why spirituality is growing in the world.

Many spiritual people believe that before you come here you choose the life you want to be born into, With this life you choose the lessons that you must learn. Often when people are not awakened it’s because their higher selves choose not to be so so as they can learn these lessons.

People at this level do not like to acknowledge that there is anything other than the material world all their lives, And May find it frightening to think about it. Which is fine. Accepting that others have different beliefs is actually an important stage in spiritual growth and this includes the acceptance of those who believe there is no such thing as a spiritual plane.
It is possible to live happily in appreciation of the wonder of being alive in this world at this time without any need for a spiritual underpinning of this knowledge. However, for many people, this is simply a stage on the journey and they may soon start to feel an inkling that there is something more to life.

Here are some paragraphs taken from other sites pertaining to awareness level one
From a place of lack of self-awareness, something wakes up and we recognize that we have some choices. We are going with the crowd, but we are starting to awaken. The mind is becoming more active and new possibilities are emerging.

Moving from autopilot to greater awareness
You’ve been living on autopilot in an unconscious way. Your ego and subconscious patterns are driving your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You begin to question the status quo, and you begin to feel like your life no longer fits you. You’re unclear about what is happening, and you don’t know how to deal with it. You’re becoming aware of your ego, and that you’ve been living on autopilot. You start to become aware that your subconscious patterns, thoughts, feelings, and actions are running you. You begin to create new patterns, thoughts, and feelings within the egoic structure. Triggering events to this new awareness may be near death experiences, life threatening illness, depression, anxiety, or some kind of traumatic event.


A person recognizes or remembers that there is more than the material world
At some point in many peoples’ lives comes a niggling idea that there might be more to life than meets the eye. This can be triggered by a difficult period in ones life or it may come from a spiritual experience. It may arrive as a result of strange coincidences or a meeting with a spiritual teacher.
Many people stay at this stage of wondering about spirituality for many years, some even stay here all their lives. 
One can now recognize the opportunity to free ourselves from the herd and jump over the fence to freedom. This takes courage. We have to sacrifice the perceived safety of the crowd to open to more individual opportunities. As we prepare to take charge, fear starts to lose its hold. Often through meditation people begin to feel things that they wouldn’t of done before.


Your field of awareness expands, and new information streams in.
Example Events:
• Synchronicities
• Premonitions and hunches come true
• Prophetic dreams and visions
• Seeing and hearing things that others don’t
• Seeking your true purpose

Typical Emotions:
• Excitement, joy, exhilaration: Craving more experiences, and wanting to share your experiences 
• Thrills and Chills: Feeling titillated, but also a bit frightened, each time you connect with the spirit realm
• Impatience: Feeling like you can’t learn fast enough 
• Isolation: Not feeling comfortable sharing your experiences with friends and family, and wanting know where to turn for more help or guidance

There may be many twists and turns on this path. We may embrace certain ideas only to abandon or move beyond them at a later stage in your journey. There is no hierarchy in spirituality – no path that is better than another. It is more a matter of finding the path that matches your spiritual self.
You may find a teacher or guru, or set yourself on a course of study of a particular spiritual path, or maybe several spiritual practices. 

Your knowledge and awareness of your spiritual self will expand exponentially as will your understanding of the nature of the universe and its interconnectedness. You may begin to feel a real sense of responsibility for the people animals and plants that you share this planet with. You will become more open to possibilities and less dismissive of other peoples’ experiences.

A thirst to find out more about the spirit and our spiritual self.
For some people, their curiosity about spirituality grows. They start to investigate more and begin to wonder about our existence.
Some people really struggle with the not knowing and ambiguity. They prefer to step into an established spiritual path with rules and guidance rather than embrace uncertainty. Of course, this is a good path for some.
For others though, this period is one of exploration and openness. It can be a time when we feel all at sea and long for solid ground beneath our feet. But as we begin to adjust to our new perspective we are able to live more comfortably with uncertainty.


This can be a period of exciting discovery. There may be times of bliss, but also times when you slip back into fear and doubt.

You begin to see the magic in the mundane.
Example Events:
• Thirst for spiritual knowledge
• Voracious reading
• Seeking like-minded individuals with whom to share your experiences
• Going to psychics/intuitives for readings
• Attending classes and workshops
• Traveling to sacred places 
• Seeking your path

Now we get our first taste of freedom as we claim our right to live the lives we were born to live. The mind is expanding further now as we explore new possibilities. At this point, we enjoy the benefits of independence. Free from the herd, people often do uncharacteristically different things at this stage. People may start to dress differently, travel, change jobs, develop new interests, and change behaviors.

Exploring freedom leads to a deeper exploration of who we are. This is when people begin to experience soul searching and recognition that the truth lies within, in the power of our hearts and souls. It’s the time when we bridge the gap between the restrictions of the physical plane and expansiveness of the spiritual plane. We are preparing to make the ultimate paradigm shift into a new way of being in the world, but don’t know where we are going.

You develop a voracious appetite for spiritual knowledge. You’re seeking like minded individuals to share your experiences with. You want to take workshops and classes, or explore things like psychic readings, energy healing, crystals, or traveling to sacred places. You fill your bookshelf with spiritual books, and you want to connect with spirit guides. 

Finding answers and experiencing breakthroughs
After a lot of soul searching, you’ll find a few, practices that really resonate with you. Because each person has a different karmic path one person may choose healing another mediumship, whatever resonates with you. 

You will feel a sense of expansion as old patterns dissolve and your true self (soul) begins to emerge. You may have a number of mystical experiences that give you a glimpse into the ultimate nature of reality. This is a time of joy, hope, connection, and awe.


Developing a spiritual practice.
At this point, you may begin a spiritual practice that soon becomes as essential to your well-being as air, food, and water. This may not remain constant. Often what we need changes over time.
However, it may be that you find a practice such as meditation, journaling or prayer that will be with you for life. For others, their spiritual practices are constantly evolving and expanding to integrate new spiritual ideas and experiences.

Expressing Our Uniqueness (Sovereignty): As we embrace ourselves as spiritual beings, we rise a new level now, onto the spiritual plane. Now we are guided by the truth in our hearts. This stimulates a desire to express our deeper purpose and share our greatness with the world.

Developing Your Spiritual Gifts
You begin to consciously seek a deeper connection with Source.
Example Events:
• Meditating
• Doing Qigong, yoga, or other of mindful activities
• Creating: painting, writing, singing, etc.
• Studying healing modalities (i.e. Reiki)
• Honing your intuition (i.e. conducting your own angel card readings)
• Strengthening your relationship with your spiritual guides
• Wanting to heal the world

Life is about movement. With the spiritual awakening process, there is always an ebb and a flow. In this stage, you may become bored and tired of your spiritual teachers or practices. You may become disillusioned by the faux spiritual BS out there and crave for something deeper. You may have even experienced long periods of connection with the Divine, only to become separated again (this is normal). You maybe upset by this experience. Additionally, while you may have experienced many mental/emotional/spiritual breakthroughs, they might feel superficial. You might crave for more authenticity and for more deep spirituality to permeate your life.

Typical Emotions:
• Joy: Feeling the reconnection with your higher self and Source
• Eagerness: Wanting to share your gifts with others

On the other side of the coin you may have typical emotions such as:
• Happiness: Being able to help yourself and others
• Confidence: Knowing you are on the right path
Raising your consciousness and awakening your spiritually, You May move into a reality that is very different from where you were. You begin to experience connection with spirit, and a feeling of universal connection and oneness. You begin mindful activities if you haven’t already, and explore things like yoga, sacred rituals, diving deep into esoteric knowledge, manifesting, thinking positive thoughts and having positive feelings, and meditation. You connect with your creativity and intuition more fully. You may experience strange spiritual awakening symptoms that you haven’t before and you are trying to understand. You begin to feel that you have spiritual gifts to share with the world, and you feel called to fulfill your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.


This is the stage where you have been able to see your spirit guides be able to communicate with the divine, may be able to see things that other people cannot see, hear things that people cannot hear and all the other Claire’s.

Ones vibrations are pretty much constantly high and one prefers not to go where lower vibrations exist, If they do they have the knowledge of protecting themselves and of others.

An acceptance of yourself and others.
At this stage, you will realize that there is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ on your journey or anyone else’s. Everyone is in the perfect place for them. You have an understanding that we are all at different stages in our spirituality, perhaps even on different incarnations.
Any feeling of superiority over others will dissipate and you will be washed with compassion and love for people no matter how they are acting at their present spiritual stage. You will desire to help and encourage others on their journey, but will not feel the need to preach your own path to anyone else.

Our integration of this creative reality includes mastering our thinking and ways of being on the spiritual plane. Becoming more aware of the big picture now, we recognize how our actions can have a positive impact on larger numbers of people.
Love blossoms and fear recedes with the recognition that everyone has infinite possibilities and the supply of the good we seek knows no limit.

There is trust with your connection with Source.
Example Events:
• Answering your own questions and healing yourself
• Teaching, mentoring, guiding and healing others
• Pruning and purging outmoded beliefs
• Eliminating stress (i.e. change of job or relationship)
• Living with integrity and speaking your truth
• Being your own role model and forging your own, unique path

Typical Emotions:
• Happiness: Being able to help yourself and others
• Confidence: Knowing you are on the right path
One experiences the different levels of consciousness, and dimensions. 
You play in consciousness with a sense of mastery with spirituality. You explore different levels of light and consciousness such as love, spirit guides, past lives, aliens, healing work, fulfilling your life’s purpose, reincarnation, galactic federations, or light councils. 

You may go on to teach others what you’ve learned, and you may have fully embraced your spiritual gifts. You feel that you’re in alignment with your soul.

In this stage, you’re not interested in dabbling in feel-good spiritual philosophies or surface practices anymore. You become a serious student of the section of spirituality of your choice eg meditation, mindfulness, ritual, inner child work, shadow work, body work or various other transpersonal philosophies.

Integration, expansion, joy
Integration means taking the spiritual lessons you’ve learned from your inner work and applying them to your daily life. Integration happens both naturally and consciously as a habit in deep spiritual practice. In this stage, you’ll experience the most profound and long-lasting changes deep within. Many people experience prolonged mystical experiences and periods of unity with the Divine in the integration phase. Remember that this stage, is never guaranteed: we can strive for it, but it is ultimately a gift from Life. Nevertheless, profound peace, love, and joy emerge and are felt in this stage. 
You may feel ready to be a spiritual mentor or role model in your community and pass on your insight to others. Life will become less about you and more about We. Your perspective will expand and you will start seeing things from the big picture. Above all else, you are connected, at peace with yourself, and deeply aligned with life.


You are an enlightened being. There are only about 4 or 5 living people on this planet who have obtained this level.

This is a level that is given to you not something that can be obtained by any spiritual practice. 

It is a level most of us cannot understand, total connection with the Divine.

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