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Spiritual Love Summit 
Spiritual Awakening Circle & Visionary Village
Gathered To Guide You: You’ll Experience Hundreds Of Years Of Expertise All In One Place…


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Nikki is a Founder of Spiritual Awakening Circle and a Creator of the visionary village in Abruzzo Borgo, Italy which is built on consecrated ground and an ideal location for spiritual retreats, meet ups and conferences.

Host of the Summit

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Monika is a Founding Partner of Spiritual Awakening Circle. She's brought in her experience from years of business development and a passion for all things spiritual.  


Co-Host of the Summit


Partner, Online Education & Membership

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Relax, release and recharge as Angela Orora leads you on a guided sacred journey connecting you to the realms of Angels and Ascended Masters to connect to the energy of Divine Love. The ability to access these realms to access healing and divine love is available to all. Participating in this scared journey will actively raise your spiritual vibration and provide you with an energetic 'key' to return whenever you wish. Join Angela Orora and learn to 'Be the Butterfly' creating a platform to bring grace and the flow of divine love to your daily life

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How soulful humans can quickly raise financial frequency and open the portal to high-energy money without fear or guilt. In this groundbreaking talk, Dillon does what no other abundance training has ever been able to do; bring the material AND the metaphysical dimensions of money together in a beautiful framework that will empower you to raise your financial frequency.

Summit Talk:

Connect to the Energy of

Divine Love

Founder of Legacy Makers

Angel MD / Lifestyle Advise Coach,
Bestselling Author

Monika is an author of a self-help book “Turn kindness into profit”.  She has developed an online course for spiritual awakening Energetic S.P.I.R.I.T. System.

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Dr V, our Angel MD will show you the essential steps to undertake when you want to manifest a soulmate. This can be a love partner, friend or business partner...Dr V used these exact same principles to manifest her soulmate husband, father of their 3 children in only one weekend

Breathing Heart Creator &


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As a certified Matchmaker, listening to client’s dating experiences is one of my favourite activities. Most people dread going on dates to the point that, when single, they make the choice to preclude themselves from Love, just to avoid going on dates. As for those of you in a relationship, I heard many excuses too (We have the kids, don’t want to pay a nanny, can’t leave the kids with a stranger) to the point of totally killing intimacy! Whether you are single or in a long term relationship, successful dating is the icing on the cake for spiritual romantic relationships.

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Discovering your subconscious beliefs around prosperity and understanding how your emotions are your guides and what vibrations you are emitting that may not be serving you. We will do an exercise that allows you to see your true beliefs around your own worthiness.

Angel Marie  Jump Photo  - Angel Marie S


Your heart chakra is full of s***. There, I said it. And until you clear all that old, gnarly stuff (energy, beliefs, & memories) away, you don’t have room to bring in the love you desire. AND you don’t have the energy to ignite those desires which will bring you love. In only 20 minutes Angel Marie will show you how to clear your chakras and leave that s*** behind.

Energy Expert Creator of

the Shine On! Movement

Summit Talk:

Ignite Love & Desire

Clear your chakras and

leave the s*** behind…

Summit Talk:

Soulmate Manifestation

The Practical Mystic / Clairvoyant

Nikki di Girolamo.jpg


I will be covering astral travel, spirit animals, spirit guides, spirit messages and spiritual protection with examples and hacks...with love.

Karina Chapman.jpg


Have you ever felt like you just can’t find ‘The One’? Today more than ever we yearn for deeper romantic soul connections. Now is the time to gain clarity on who your ideal partner is! Join Karina to discover: • Why Conscious Connection is the future of dating • The 5 C’s of Conscious Connection • What is holding you back from moving forward • How you can gain clarity on who is a good match for you • Why courage increases self-confidence • How to attract the relationship of your dreams rather than search for it

Summit Talk:

Tips for Successful

Spiritual Dating

CEO of Essence of Being, Inc

Summit Talk:

Prosperity Through Self

Love & Emotional Healing

Summit Talk:

Awakened Wealth 

Summit talk:

Conscious Connection -

The Future of Dating

Soul-Journey Adventure Author,

Speaker and Facilitator

Summit talk:

5 Spiritual hacks to help

you navigate the spiritual


Creator of Visionary Village,

Abruzzo Borgo in Italy



During these challenging times and living during a pandemic has caused fear-based patterns to be implanted in our energy systems causing anxiety, worry, and stress. Dr. Samora will share some powerful ways to shift those patterns into love-based energies, allowing you to see your possibilities instead of your limitations

Summit Talk:

Transforming Fear into


Wedding minister, Relationship

& Love coach, Energy Worker



For many of us the love path is strewn with many pebbles that we have to navigate to get there. Family dysfunction, trauma, broken promises to name but a few. Yet to love another we have to learn to love ourselves first. Learning the capacity to love ourselves requires being open to discovery but sometimes we need a little help to take the plunge. Through the use of herbs and our love potion I have discovered a support system to delve into Pandora’s box to increase our frequency and capacity to love and be loved. 

Summit talk:

How herbs can assist us to unlock our path of love

Intuitive Energy Healer / Herbal

Alchemist / Life coach

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher  

Energy Healer

Sallie Wagner-8_pp.jpg


The 3 concepts are a Mindset of Love, a Skillset of Faith, and get off of and use your assets to live the life that makes you come alive.  Attendees will learn concrete steps to give full expression to their spiritual nature to live the life that makes them come alive.

Intentional Life Coaching / Life 

Mastery Consultant

Summit talk:

3 Key Concepts for Self

Love and Spiritual Growth


Marc Stuart (1).png


Marc Stuart Medium 

One of the Mediums of Dunfermline Spiritualist Church in Scotland. Marc works internationally in China, USA and UK last year. A Traditional Scottish Spiritualist Medium which is very different from the Mediumship encountered for example in the USA. He gives direct evidence of life after death with messages from loved ones. He trains Mediumship in Circles and is of the strong belief that this is the only both successful and legitimate way to train in Mediumship. Marc has zero tolerance of so called new aged techniques as these lead to people giving messages who should not be let out of the play room. He does a weekly streamed broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. Marc has a theatrical agent in the UK and have another Medium that represents him in the USA for commercial bookings. His focus is to return true Mediumship to the USA.

Adam Bernstein.jpeg


Between The Worlds

Adam has an international following. He's trained with top teachers at Lily Dale NY USA as well as with tutor from The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England. He has done promotional work for the TV series Psychic Detectives and has numerous TV and radio appearances under his belt. Adam was listed in Psychic New York as one of the top 60 psychics in the New York city tri-state area, he has taught classes at Lily Dale NY and several locations in the US and enjoys a sterling reputation amongst the community. Adam does private sessions as well as Gallery (group) mediumship sessions talking to the other side and is the founder of The Medium Channel on Youtube.

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