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Management Team
Partner for Poland, Online Education & Membership


Monika has lived in London since 2000 and is fluent in Polish and English. She has 15 years of experience as a business owner bridging different business cultures in international recruitment and marketing research. She also worked in business development for a diplomatic membership and events organization before a change in her career. 

Becoming a mother and having her son diagnosed on the autism spectrum have triggered a profound spiritual awakening for Monika. She's completely re-prioritised her life, invested time and effort in her personal and spiritual developments and as a result of this journey started working in a spiritual business.


She has co-created a platform for others to benefit from and continues to guide people towards their best selves.


Apart from being a management team member, Monika also offers the following:

- Joint Venture Membership

- Emerald Membership

- Amethyst Membership

- Polish Retreats in Italy

“Turn Kindness into Profit”


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