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Bhavin Shah
Coach of Law of Attraction


A Double Qualified Law of Attraction Coach that has a passion for guiding others to manifesting their desires and needs! Bhavin has a background in Sales, currently as a Google Partner, as well as having a business in natural health products. He loves travelling to experience various cultures and regularly undertakes voluntary work, one with My Guide (charity for vision impaired) and the other is with AllatRA Unites. The no 1 passion though is coaching on the Law of Attraction!

Connect with Bhavin:

Tel: +44 7988520512 Bhavin Shah (@bhavinshah101) • Instagram photos and videos


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Law of Attraction coaching session where we will first assess your goals via Life Coaching Techniques. Then via a 'pure coaching process' (facilitation based questioning) I will probe you to come up with solutions and action steps. This is where you feel in control since it comes from you but from my questioning. Teamwork! My aim is to get you to create an accountable action plan which I will motivate you to make progress on. We will towards the end have a visualisation session on a goal of your choice! Price £129 for session 1 which is 2 hours.

A session plus coaching. The visualisation part is fun and will be creative since I will offer some visual ideas yet you will smartly fill in the gaps with your imagination to create an awesome productive movie in your mind. In this movie your subconscious mind will inevitably give you messages. These are the messages I will coach you on after the visualisation has finished. You will be surprised how via my 'pure coaching' method of asking you intelligent questions I can guide you to create solutions for possible problems or anything that came up.

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